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Oliver Rural on location

Rural Australia - WA and the NT

Travelling to remote locations: IT Support and Management Mentoring

Oliver Rural IT Solutions and Oliver Rural Management Solutions are one of very few support companies that actually go to the site for face to face hands on support. 

John does everything from installation  of new computers and infastructure to training and servicing.

Kerryn provides support to management and administration in a side by side format that has proved extremely effective over many years.

Who are we ?

  • John Oliver  John Oliver - CEO

    Owned and operated by John Oliver who is a computer engineer with over 20 years of hands on practical experience with technology in rural and remote Australia.
    John services rural and remote towns, communities, farms and stations with new systems, servicing, repairs, maintenance and training.. (Mobile:- 0427412130)

  • Kerryn OliverKerryn Oliver - CEO

     Kerryn has the knowledge, skills and experience to provide an exceptional outcomes in all workplaces.

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